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In the heart of the capital, among the bustling business centers and rigorous government portals, there is an island of fashionable reincarnations, instant transformation, inspirational style and sophisticated beauty – COLOR FRENCH!


A team of true professionals – each with over 10 years’ experience of beauty and image creation. The COLOR  FRENCH masters are regular members of L’Oreal Professionel’s Paris annual LBF Forum and the current teachers of the fundamentals of coloring, hairstyling techniques, and the latest dying techniques at the Academy of Salon Art. They can satisfy the most demanding client, since they are masters of technology in both English and French schools of haircuts, taking from such well-known gurus of hairdressing art as Toni & Guy from England, the French – Jean Marc Joubert, Laeticia Guenaou and Claude Gilliard.

Fusio Dose bar containing the secrets of creating a unique cocktail for your hair. During the procedure in the Fusio Dose bar, our hairstylists will select the best Kerastas products for restoring, strengthening, feeding, brightening and disciplining your hair. We guarantee that you will see the result after the first cocktail in the Fusio Dose bar!

L’Oreal Professionel Paris & Kerastase – French cosmetics brand that does not require special advertising. It has proven its effectiveness for many years and has gained millions of admirers among professional hairdressers, with COLOR  FRENCH among them. L’Oreal Professionel Paris & Kerastase products meet the demands of all hair types and care for it carefully. We chose Kerastase for you because it was developed by L’Oreal Labs for the special care of your hair and scalp to provide deep nutrition, moisturizing and healing.