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COLOR CUT nail artist are always up to date with the latest trends in the world of nail-art, so after visiting our hair studio your nails will look trendy. We will take care of the beauty of your hands and offer you a lot of manicure art options.

Admire, choose and create a new image for your nails with the COLOR CUT nail artist!

Female Manicure (combined) 250 UAH
Female manicure (hardware) 300 UAH
Male Manicure 300 UAH
Pedicure (hardware) 450 UAH
Pedicure (only fingers) 250 UAH
Polishing of nails 50 UAH / per nail
Gel varnish 250 UAH
Gel varnish (french) 350 UAH
Uncover of gel varnish 100 UAH
Varnish cover 100 UAH
Vinylux cover 100 UAH
Nail design 50 UAH / per nail
Strengthening of nails by rigid base 100 UAH
Nail correction 100 UAH / per nail
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