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High-quality cosmetic products, individual approach and professional experienced beauticians are all together a strong guarantee of a healthy and shining look of your skin. The COLOR FRENCH cosmetologists will help maintain or restore a healthy look of your face, provide careful cleansing and good moisturizing care, as well as advise on the means and products to protect your skin from external detrimental effects.

Intensive care for dry and sensitive skin 700 UAH
Intensive care for combination skin 700 UAH
Intensive rejuvenating care 700 UAH
The rejuvenating ultrasonic care 750 UAH
Mechanical cleaning of the face 700 UAH
Ultrasonic face cleaning 700 UAH
Peeling for normal and combination skin 700 UAH
Peeling rejuvenating 800 UAH
Back cleaning 900 UAH
Jacques massage (for combination and oily skin) 200 UAH
Facial massage with cream 350 UAH
Facial skin massage on argan oil 350 UAH
Ear piercing 800 UAH
Depilation of the upper lip 150 UAH
Depilation of eyebrows 150 UAH
Bikini depilation (deep) 500 UAH
Bikini depilation (not deep) 350 UAH
Depilation of nostrils 200 UAH
Depilation of legs (completely) 450 UAH
Depilation of legs (completely: for men) 650 UAH
Depilation of legs (to knees) 250 UAH
Depilation of legs (above the knees) 350 UAH
Depilation of hands (completely) 300 UAH
Depilation of hands (to elbows) 200 UAH
Depilation of armpits 250 UAH
RF - Lifting 700 UAH
Electroporation 750 UAH
Microdermabrasion 400 UAH
Vacuum massage 200 UAH
Oxygen mesotherapy 800 UAH
Cryotherapy 200 UAH
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